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The recent UK Theatre & Equity agreement has again raised the issue of the standards of accommodation for touring theatre professionals. In short, standards need to improve.

At the same time, listing a ‘spare room’ on highly profitable, holiday-let sites such as AirB&B has never been easier for Hosts.

Our industry MUST work together to ensure that there are enough rooms that meet or exceed industry standards for the size and needs of the touring companies.

As the ONLY online accommodation platform for Theatre professionals in the UK, Theatre Digs Booker is determined to improve the quality & availability of accommodation in our industry.

But we need your support….

Ditch the Digs List

The Digs List is no longer acceptable to today's touring professional...

The digs list is DEAD

Venues are required to be great at a lot of things but why try to be an accommodation provider?

Tradition and outdated concepts made maintaining a Digs List a requirement but why even try when you can have a fully-supported, professionally managed solution for FREE?

Our Commitment to Industry Standards

Recognising the significance of providing well-maintained, affordable, comfortable, and safe Digs for theatre workers, TheatreDigsBooker was built to improve touring accommodation.

We continue to build bespoke solutions to enable Venues, Producers, Hosts and Guests meet the agreed and potential requirements of the industry.

Whilst negotiations between the unions and the industry continue with the aim to help further improve touring standards, it is crucial to take advantage of the suite of services already available to aid the well-being of individuals in the industry.

At the moment, TheatreDigsBooker currently:

  • Supports a joint complaints procedure - Both Guests and Hosts can submit raised issues regarding their booking.
  • Provides Code of Conduct compliant Digs - Hosts are required to agree to TheatreDigsBookers 'Code of Conduct' when accepting a booking.
  • Confirms that any issues raised by Guests are addressed - Our full-time support team have been handling accommodation issues for the industry since 2010.
  • Has a strict non discrimination policy - TheatreDigsBooker shares a vision to promote and maintain a safer, more inclusive environment for everyone.
  • Ensures Digs meet legal safety requirements - Hosts are encouraged to provide Guests with appropriate legal, licensing and safety documentation.
  • Has no hidden fees - Hosts are required to detail all charges applicable to a Guest's booking.
  • Encourages Hosts to price accordingly - We ask Hosts to charge as little as possible due to the limited budget set by the industry.
  • Has accurate Digs - Distance, accessibility, facilities, photos and payment information is made available to Guests.
  • Provides all contact details after a booking is confirmed - When a Host accepts a booking, we send their contact details to the Guest and Vice Versa.
  • Is willing to meet to discuss issues related to digs - We are more than happy to engage with the community and implement changes to further improve the standards of accommodation.

What can you do now?

Link to your own Online Digs List

Fine your venue in search

  • Add search criteria (Equity recommends 80% of current touring allowance)
Choose your filters
  • Copy the URL
This takes Guests straight to your page
  • Add it to your website or send when asked for your digs list

"See our Industry Best Practice Digs List Here"

See our full tutorial here

If you don't have at least one online room available for each visiting company member you can...

Email your Hosts

In order for us to keep offering this service to the industry for free, Theatres must invite their existing Hosts to join them online.

Most will already be online but those who are not are missing out and having a poor experience of hosting.

Click the 'Send me a template' button for the suggested copy to send.

Email your Audience

If your venue still doesn't have enough online rooms that meet industry standards for the size and needs of your visiting companies, you can simply email your loyal supporters.

This is the only way to entice Hosts to charge much lower rates than commercial platforms and has proven to be the absolute best way to attract and retain the best Hosts who understand and support our industry.

Trust us! We have 2000 years worth of successful bookings to prove it!

What happens next?

If there is enough interest, we plan to develop a new suite of features aimed at allowing venues to manage their own Digs page.

This could include pages only viewable by confirmed visiting company members or venue staff where venues can:

  • Give visiting companies advice about local areas or events
  • Show local hotel or restaurant discount codes
  • Share details about parking or accessing the building
  • View accommodation supply reports and be alerted for any potential shortfalls

If you would like to register your interest and be involved in how these features are developed, please click this button.

TheatreDigsBooker Founder Phil Barley

Phil Barley

A word from our founder

I love theatre. After touring as an actor for six years, I knew something had to be done to make touring accommodation better

Years later, we finally have a reliable and proven solution. Every month we help hundreds of Hosts and Guests manage their bookings more easily and confidently than ever before.

The team and I are really looking forward to the next step of helping Theatres offer all the benefits of our service direct to their Hosts and visiting companies.”

Contact us for more information....

If you have less than one room per visiting company member showing when you search for your venue, you are in the best place to attract Hosts by inviting them to help support you and the creative community.

You only need to send some emails and we can do all the rest.

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